Auto Imaging Inc covers all areas of inventory marketing for automotive dealers. Dealers big and small count on us to provide the best photos, labels and customer service in the industry. Customer service is what we pride ourselves on and will never let that part of the business decline. We take all of our photos with top notch DSLR cameras and each person of our team is a professional photographer letting you stand out from the rest on all marketing sites.

Why choose Auto Imaging Inc? 

While working with dealers we get the questioned on why should a dealer use our services instead of another competitor or going in house. We understand that car sales are driven off of turn over and profit we do things a little differently than competitors. Our process involves servicing our clients up to 5 times per week depending on the amount of inventory and have your inventory up online quicker than any of our competitors so stop waisting money and waiting on our competitors to show up once a week and have your inventory updated daily with professional photos as well as window stickers and buyers guides for cars that are lot ready.


USED CAR PHOTOS – The importance of used car photos are one of the few things customer’s get to see before even leaving there house and hitting the lot. With hundreds of competitors trying to gain potential clients just as your dealership is,  having photos that stick out are one of the best ways to get clients to notice. Having Auto Imaging service your dealership can prove that photos are just more than taking a couple of pics and posting them online. Unlike the our competitors we actually take pride in what we shoot. Making sure every photo is sharp, clear and pixel perfect before putting them online.

  • Unlimited Photos

  • Consistent

  • Professional Photos

  • Watermarking/Company Branding

  • Window Sticker/ Buyers Guide

NEW CAR PHOTOS – Importance of new inventory photos is very critical. With competition bigger than ever one way to direct customers to your lot is pictures. Most manufacturer dealers have the same inventory than the other guy. When consumers are looking to purchase a new vehicle 9/10 the customer has already viewed your website and searched for what he/she wants. To ensure that you will attract that new car customer is with our new photo service.

  • Up to 30 Photos

  • Professional Photos

  • Watermarking